1. What does AH mean to the denomination?

The AH initiative  will highlight what is possible in the world of public health through the power and influence of a global, faith-driven, multimillion-member, connectionally minded constituency such as The United Methodist Church.

2. What does it mean to make a promise to the Abundant Health Initiative?

Signing up indicates your commitment to promote activities to support children’s health in your community and globally. Your promise is to make children’s health a priority as a practice of your congregation. Your support could mean fewer lives lost due to physical inactivity, poor diet and nutrition, alcohol or drug use, or mental health challenges. Learn more.

3. What are the healthy lifestyle choices of focus for children?

Your church is invited to help increase opportunities for healthy lifestyle choices for children through access to physical activity, healthy diet and nutrition, tobacco- and drug-free living, and mental health education and promotion.

4. Do you have any guidelines on how our congregation can engage and foster healthy lifestyle choices?

Yes! We have detailed recommendations for each of the aforementioned healthy lifestyle choices of focus. Learn more.

5. How can our congregation share Success Stories as part of the Abundant Health initiative?

You can submit Success Stories by filling out the online form.

6. How will information we share about our congregation’s participation be used?

Our intention is to publish your Success Stories on our website so that other congregations (and people in general) will learn about the good work and impact your congregation is having in the community.

7. How do we sign up to participate?

It takes just a few steps to sign-up. Fill out and submit the requested information and you’re all set.

8. How can we get Abundant Health-related updates?

You can sign up for our Global Health monthly e-newsletter by subscribing here.

Donations to support the initiative are being accepted.

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